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About Us

Kia Kam Pharmed Co.

Kia Kam Pharmed Co. is an active production, distribution and custom manufacturing company in the cosmetics, health and pharmaceutical sectors, based on the latest and most advanced formulations and technologies in the world, with the advantage of well-equipped laboratories and research centers, as well as having experienced and competent specialists in the units. R&D aims to provide high-quality products that can compete with foreign samples and provide them in an easily accessible form to their customers with whom they can create a new quality of life to discover.

We have created many brands and various products in the fields of skin, hair, beauty, medicine and health products, and we are proud that the best experts and professional associations in Iran have recognized many of them.


Kia Kam Pharmed Co. Mission

  • Manufacture and provide various solutions at all levels of the company by creating a brand of trust.
  • Improve the quality of life of people through the production of medicinal supplements and therapeutic, beauty and care products.
  • Increase consumer confidence by offering skin and hair products. (Skin rejuvenation, whitening, treatment of pimples, acne and wounds, strengthening, etc.)
  • To provide the best quality products by providing the best raw materials, the most reliable sources, exclusive formulas and using the most modern technology in the world.
  • To increase the level of competitiveness of the Iranian cosmetics industry through product innovation, creative combinations and the use of effective ingredients verified by clinical studies.
  • Improve the level of scientific knowledge of consumers and target markets by using the power of science, consulting doctors and organizing scientific educational events.
  • Demonstrate the latest products to the world using the scientific power of reverse engineering and assembly.

Kia Kam Pharmed Co. Vision

To be one of the top three organizations in Iran, as a factory for creating authentic brands in the field of cosmetics, care and health, by introducing innovative and unique solutions, using the latest technologies, having the ability to compete with international organizations to have the world's latest technology, knowledge base and highest


High Technology

Novel Formulation

Innovative Product


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